Saturday, 13 November 2010

I love Lost

One of my favourites TV series is Lost. This is about a plane that crashed mysteriously on an island. The survivors thought they were the unique inhabitants on the island, but in fact they were not. There were some other residents on the island; they were called “the others” by the survivors of the plane, since none of them were on the Oceanic 815 flight that fell on the island.
The main characters of the story are Charlie, Sam, Hugo, Kim, Lock and Sawyer. There is a constant flashback to their lives before the plane-crash. The Director of the series brilliantly connects the past of the characters with their actual presence on the island and the future outside the island.
In the first fourth seasons the flashbacks show a miserable life in each characters. The director creates a constant mystery on the spectator, because the reasons of the plane crash and the presence of each passenger on that aircraft are unknown to the watcher.
From the fifth season onwards the setting moves to the future. Instead the showing images of the future, the director connects past, with present time, and future, and beside flashbacks the series presents flash-forwards.
Lost is extremely catchy from the very beginning, last year it was presented the last season, so my  piece of advise, if you like suspense and action, turn on your TV and don’t take your eyes off it.

Ignatius Reilly.

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  1. Hey Ignatius! I really enjoy your comment as I'm a big fan of "Lost" too. I was one of those people who waited anxiously every new episode. I think the key of "Lost" was this dynamic mixture between suspense and action that catched from the very beginning.