Saturday, 6 November 2010

Ave Maria

“WAS this His coming! I had hoped to see
A scene of wondrous glory, as was told
Of some great God who in a rain of gold
Broke open bars and fell on Danae:
Or a dread vision as when Semele
Sickening for love and unappeased desire
Prayed to see God's clear body, and the fire
Caught her white limbs and slew her utterly:
With such glad dreams I sought this holy place,
And now with wondering eyes and heart I stand
Before this supreme mystery of Love:
A kneeling girl with passionless pale face,
An angel with a lily in his hand,
And over both with outstretched wings the Dove. “

In my own opinion, this poem written by Oscar Wilde really reflects the figure and role of Holy Mary. All the pictures he describes and the feelings he shows reminds me of The Angelic Salutation “Hail Mary”. As you know, Wilde is one of the classic poets that you should have in your shelves (and one of my favorites I must say), but particularly this poem causes on me the same effect that the Gregorian Chant “Ave Maria” has on almost all people. It makes me feel melancholic, calm and pure. I invite you to read it and share your thoughts.


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