Saturday, 6 November 2010

The African Pygmies: An Ancient Civilization Under Siege by Rowan Millar.

This article sets several difficulties that the African Pygmies, who get their name because of their unusually small size, have to go through in their attempt to survive modernization and constant abuse.
They live throughout equatorial Africa under the shelter of the rainforest canopy. Although they still keep their culture, different processes have occurred over the years, which placed them in danger of disappearing.
Deforestation, as a result of modernization and industrialization is a process that affects these tribes directly, since the forest is their habitat, and their lives develop in nature.
Abuse and violence from other Africans has also set these people into peril. Due to their minute size, they are often victims of physical violence as well as sexual abuse.
The Pygmies are thought to constitute one of the most ancient civilizations, but their well being in the future will depend on how people respect them and their customs in present times.



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