Saturday, 13 November 2010

Does retirement at an early age affect your memory?

A recent study, made on the USA and 12 European countries, has revealed that there is some kind of relation between the age of retirement and the mental agility: the younger people retire from work, the faster memory starts to deteriorate. Though not everyone is yet convinced of the idea of a “mental retirement”, at least some countries have started studying this hypothesis.
The study follows the model of another one made 20 years ago by the National Institute on Aging, in which more than twenty-two thousand people older than fifty years, have been inquired.
One of the tests consisted of remembering a list of ten nouns, and repeating them immediately after they have heard the nouns, and ten minutes later. Results have shown that people from the USA, Denmark and England -where people retire at an older age, between 60 and 65 years old- got the best results. Secondly, there were France and Italy -where the age of retirement is lower-.
The conclusion was that the longer people keep on working and training the mind, the better; work and social relationships go hand in hand with the development of mental abilities.
Diario Clarín- Suplemento “The New York Times”- 23/10/10

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