Saturday, 6 November 2010

Conflic resolution in a classroom

As you probably know, working as a teacher in a difficult and tense environment is hard. As a consequence, some beginner teachers get desperate and they don´t know what to do in front of a problematic situation. As a teacher, we should learn how to deal with those situations, how to control students and ourselves. So, we have to take into account some important points in our daily teaching activity to face up a particular situation in the classroom. Conflict or problematic situations are not so bad if we can handle with them. There are some useful steps to follow.  
1)    Cooling
You should be calmed and relaxed. Students involved in a conflict should calm down too as first step. They should not shout, yell or swear. Ask them to breathe deeply and to step away from each other.
2)    Understanding
Help students to explain what the conflict is. Let them to express their feelings in order. They have to respect each other. The teacher should be a mediator he or she has to listen to students.
3)    Working together / finding solution
Help them to solve the conflict and try to reach a final agreement.
4)    Feeling faces
Asks students to draw circle faces expressing different feelings in order to show how they felt during the conflict
5)    Circle of peace
Draw a circle of peace on the floor with a piece of chalk. Students involved in the conflict should step inside and try to express how they feel about the situation. Then ask students to think of a possible solution.

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