Sunday, 7 November 2010

Enoch´s Two Letters by Alan Sillitoe

Enoch´s Two letters is the story of an eight years old boy who was abandoned by his parents on the same day.
Enoch had gone to school at seven o´clock in the morning and didn’t come back until the evening. He spent the whole night on his own in his house, waiting to see his parents the following morning, but that was not possible for him was alone at home again. His parents didn´t come back, so he decided to go to his grandmother house. He took a bus and managed to get to his granny house, since she lived in another town, and he only knew the name of the street. Once he had arrived he told his granny that his parents had gone. She gave him some breakfast and promised him that when she finished cleaning the house they would go and find out what got into his parents. After that, they took a bus and went to Enoch´s house. He couldn´t stay alone so he followed his grandmother steps. She went to every room in the house, but things were right, as they usually were. Finally, they went to the front room and Enoch saw two letters lying on the mat inside the front door.
This short story is about a boy who had been left by his parents on the same day, but it is also a story about relationships. It is difficult to think or even to believe that many parents act in this way. However, nowadays there are lots of children abandoned by their parents or families, with many different reasons in all the cases. 


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