Saturday, 17 September 2011

Did you know…?

Some months ago I read an article in a kid’s magazine (Billiken) that really grabbed my attention!! What would you answer if someone asked you what the mice´s favourite food is? If you said “cheese” I am sorry to tell you that you are wrong! Although cartoons show mice eating delicious pieces of cheese, and going crazy and doing whatever in order to get a piece of cheese,  it is just a myth that it is their  favourite food! But where did this myth come from? It is said that this myth first originated in Switzerland when a factory of dairy products got infested with mice. The inhabitants believed that mice were attracted by cheese, but actually, their presence in the factory was because of the dirt in that place. Perhaps you are thinking: “so what do mice really like?” They prefer sweet food, seeds and fruit! They are really sweet teeth! So, if you are thinking of catching a mouse at home, remember not to put a piece of cheese in the mouse trap but a candy instead!


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  1. I remember having lived an experience similar to the myth you have read about.Some years ago, I was given a little rabbit and I had to take it home, so I decided to stop on my way, and bought some carrots.To my surprise my rabbit never ate carrots.So I am dispelling a second myth.