Sunday, 28 August 2011

TV Violence

In the article I read the author says that watching violence on TV and in other forms of audiovisual media is strongly correlated with aggression and therefore poses a serious public health threat. The author is totally convinced that his research clearly shows that when children who watch violent programmes become adults, they are more aggressive than people who did not watch them. In my opinion, the author is right about it but the problem is that most of the TV programmes show violence nowadays. What is more, politicians in the entire world demonstrate cruelty when they decide to invade a country, to make wars and when they do not eradicate poverty. Violence is an important issue and I think it is difficult to stop it



  1. Hello Tania! I agree with your opinion about certain TV programmes.It is true that some of them are constantly showing violence. If I were an authority I shouldn·t allow them to be on.Those are not good examples for any society!

  2. You are so right. We notice violence mainly at schools and it is increasing dangerously fast. We must educate our children in the proper manner before it is too late.

  3. Tania, I think that the author is right with that idea of influence of tv on children behaviours, but I think that it is not a matter of stopping it, that would be an utopia.Violence has been present in our world since the early ages of it,in different degrees but it has always been present.In my opinion , we should focus our actions and objectives to reduce it and to begin a good and first step could be doing changes on tv programmes. Melman

  4. I totally agree with the author! Usually, a single violent programme on TV can increase children’s aggressiveness because they tend to imitate what they see. However, as you mentioned, nowadays it is very difficult to solve this issue. Anyway, I think that a good way of starting could be to pay more attention to the programs that children watch and to watch some programs with them.
    See you! Abby.

  5. I agree tv programmes are really cruel and violent nowadays. Not only talking about fisical violence that is a subject which we, as teachers, have to deal with every day ; but also I think that discrimination is a way of being violent. Most of the times we can see in some tv programes, for instance ,soap operas for adolescents where fat people or children with differest capacities are left aside or look down on. And we must take into account that this also implies violence.