Thursday, 22 September 2011

The young Victoria (film)

I saw this film many many times and I would like to recomend it for the ones that are attending the subject : language and culture III. It´s  a vivid portrait of queen´s Victoria life, most precicely her youth and how she became queen.  Not all is in pink for her, she had to opposed her mother at the age of eighteen and become the head of a country. What I like most is the way she met prince  Albert and how they felt in love. I highlight this because most of the movies that deal with kings and queens show how they suffer or how they succeed in their political life but this is not the case of this movie, since the director of ¨The young Victoria¨ tries to show us her inside, her feelings.



  1. I have seen this film many times too, it is a great love story!!! Emily Blunt is a wonderful actress. I attended language and culture 3 last year, and it helped me a lot when I was studying queen's Victoria life!

  2. Hello Emma! I·ve read your review about The Young Victoria film.It sounds interesting!Months ago I saw The Other Bolynn,which is a very good film,too.I like a lot epoch film,so I·ll try to follow your recomendation about this one!

  3. I have seen this film too and I share your opinion. It is a great movie, not only because of the scenes and wardrobe aesthetics, but also because of the actors and actresses who star it. I like it very much the way in which the director shows Victoria’s feelings and the way the characters relate one to each other. If you like historical movies, you should see this one.


  4. Hi Emma! I haven`t seen the film. But as you described it, it seems quite entertaining and fascinating. I will follow your advise and see it. Thanks!!!!!! Zoe