Saturday, 17 September 2011

Midnight in Paris

Hello people! I'm here again,but now with the idea of telling you the enjoyable film that I have recently seen. It is called `Midnight in Paris´, a romantic comedy, whose protagonists are Owen Wilson, Rachel Mc Adams, Kathy Bates and others. The film tells us the story of a bohemian American writer, who arrives in Paris with his fiancee and the parents of hers for business. Every night the protagonist (Owen Wilson) goes out for a walk dreaming about The Twenties. Soon he perceives that something magic happens to him in the latin neighbour at midnight. He feels to be transported to the past time in which he meets famous people that he would have never imagined to meet in his life. People like Dali, Picasso, Hemingway, among others. It is a good film to recommend, I liked it a lot really! If you have time go and see it!! 



  1. I love Owen Wilson!!! all his films are great, I really enjoy them. I'd like to see this new one, thanks for the info!!!

  2. hello ! I´m sorry ambar but I don´t agree with you! I saw the film and it was terribly boring. Besides the way it is presented is monotonous and extremely fantastic.although I love Rachel mc Adams I still hate the film!