Thursday, 22 September 2011

Death penalty for juveniles

   Each country has its own laws for the commission of capital crimes. On the one hand, there are some countries that allow the execution of 16 and 17 years olds juveniles. Others, on the other hand, have already banned executions. “In death penalty for Juveniles”, Charles Mantaldo presents different views on whether or not executing teenagers is uncivilized and immoral.
    Those who favor keeping the death penalty for juveniles argue that in a society, which is experiencing an increase in violence by juveniles, death penalty may reduce crime rates. Another argument put forward in favor of death penalty is that it permanently removes the worst criminals from society, and it is much safer for the rest of us.
   On the contrary, those who are opposed claim that executing children is immoral and uncivilized. Nowadays, a high percentage of juveniles on death row have suffered from mental and physical abuse, drug addiction, and severe poverty. Supporters also argue that most of juveniles have mental and emotional problems; their brain’s areas are underdeveloped and immature. Therefore, they should not be held culpable. Besides, they consider death penalty irreversible because it abuses one of our basic human rights, the right to live.
    In summary, both sides present convincing arguments. I strongly agree that every person who harms another should be punished, but they should also be rehabilitated. Juvenile rehabilitation programs, based on the teaching of moral and affective values, could be a possible solution to help offenders to go back to the community as a responsible and honest individual.


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  1. hello abby really interesting article. I agree with you that veryone that commit a crime has to be punished but I don´t think this programs or even jails are a good way to rehabilitate criminals, not in our country at least. we live in a place where everithing is easy, for example you can see people in the streets begging for coins but if you asks the to clean a window and you are going to give him/her the money , they say no. they are not criminals but this is the begining. all of us are blame for this situation. we have to do something but as a community, working all together. another important point for me talking about this , is that we shouldn´t allow or support the goverment with this kind of help that gives to mothers with children, or people that doesn´t work. and if you ask me I think that nobody has the rigth of taking someone´s life but criminals must be dead if not one day they will kill you.