Friday, 22 October 2010


Since the very first time I drank it, I thought it was just that, tea. But when I read an article about the properties of tea, I was amazed. It is said to have lots of good substances for us. For instance, it is said to be good to lower the cholesterol and lose weight. I’d have never thought that. Some researches supports that it has energizing and antioxidants properties that you can use if you like doing sports. We’d better take a look at what we drink to see what benefits can we gain from a simple drink as tea was for me.



  1. What you comment it is totally new for me. I didn't know how healthy tea is! From now on, I will have in mind to drink tea for breakfast instead of drinking coffee or mate!!!

  2. I completely agree with Poly Evan!! I didn’t know anything about the benefits that tea brings to our health!! I should have realized that if Chinese people were the ones who started drinking tea, there should be a good reason for that!!!