Friday, 29 October 2010

The huge lie

This is a story I read when I was a child. The story is about two brothers and their lives. Here I have summarized the story in order to show how difficult it can be sometimes to take time for our families. I hope you enjoy it.

Last year, a man called Ralph was planning to emigrate from London to Spain. He was happy with the idea of emigrating, but at the same time he felt sad about leaving his hometown. He was a man who enjoyed his job very much. He worked in a port, but in reality he wanted to be with his brother Mark, who worked in the north of Switzerland. However, he didn’t make enough money to travel and this prevented him from visiting Mark. By the time he had saved enough money to buy a ticket to travel to Spain, he received a letter which made him reconsider his plans. The letter informed Ralph that his brother was very sick. Ralph was so sad that that night he didn’t even pack his suitcase.

The following day, he got up early and went to the airport because he wanted to try and change the ticket. He wanted to travel to Switzerland now, to be with his brother. After changing the flight, he returned home to pack his suitcase, and then he returned to the airport.

When he arrived in Switzerland, he discovered something shocking – It was all a huge lie! There was nothing wrong with Mark at all. He had only told Ralph that he was ill because he really wanted to see his middle-aged brother, and he wrote the letter hoping that Ralph would come and visit him. If I hadn’t sent the letter, you wouldn’t have come to visit me, explained Mark. That morning, the brothers talked for hours about everything, and most importantly, they were both very glad to see each other.


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