Thursday, 28 October 2010

“Darwin 2.0 The Theory of Evolution in the XXI Century “by Valeria Román and Luis Cappozzo

150 years ago, the English naturalist, Charles Darwin, published “The Origins of Species” in which he presented his theory of evolution which changed the view of sciences of the time.

This book was written by a journalist dedicated to scientific and health news, and a biologist that follows the behavior and evolution of marine mammals. Here, they try to explain the theory to the reader and to thwart popular myths and sayings about it. Nowadays, this theory still helps us to understand nature and it backs up a variety of services that are used at labs, in the city, or even at home.

It is really an interesting book based on facts and a strict research that explains in a very clear way (i.e. written for all the public) how sciences work and how it is related to our daily lives.


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  1. Hello Izzie, your topic is very interesting.The last time I studied it was when I went to secondary school but now I'm curious to read that book.
    I like those books in which you can related the topic with our daily life. Thank you very much for the advice!
    Milky Way