Saturday, 30 October 2010

'Mum and dad made me multi-task better’

Well fellows, good news. I’ve found this article in which there are some good reasons to be bilingual and to teach a foreign language. Most of us started to study English because it has caught our attention, we noticed that we liked the sounds and maybe we found it familiar. Then, we started to make profits we it, so it become necessary. Now we can add health reasons for study another language as well as to teach it.
The article 'Mum and dad made me multi-task better’ clearly states that being bilingual have some good benefits, such as a delay in developing mental diseases, as for example Alzheimer. Other great benefits are to be focused in confusing situations and to have the capacity of adjusting quickly to changes.  
I hope you find this article useful as I did. I think here we have some other reasons to let know our students that to study another language, such as English is worth.
Click HERE to read the article

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