Saturday, 23 October 2010

Film: “Cuestión de Principios” Does es Everything in life have a price?

This weekend I saw a movie called “ Cuestión de Principios”. It is an Argentinian film, I have to be honest, I do not like national films at all, but this one was very nice. The main characters are Norma Aleandro (Sarita- Luppi’s wife ), Federico Luppi ( Castilla) ,and Pablo Echarri ( Silva). The story takes place in Rosario. Castilla, an old man of principles, who firmly believes in values and ethic, is waiting for his retirement from a port company job. His new boss, Silva, is an arrogant, conceited ,overambitious , and a vain man. They, both,  meet at Silva’s office because this one asks Castilla for a file. During the meeting Castilla looks around the office and notices that his boss has a strange hobby which consists in collecting an antique magazine called “Tertulia”. Castilla makes reference of that to his boss who tells him that he is great collectionist of different things as cars, tickets, stamps, coins, and now magazines. Silva also explains to him that unfortunatedly, there is a misssing number that he couln’t get yet. At that moment, Castilla reminds to have one copy of that magazine at his house. He comments that to his boss, who says “ I would appreciate if you could get that missing number for me ”; “ I would pay anything for that one”. The following day Castilla tells to his boss that , certainly, he has the magazine that he needs, but that he is not interested in selling it because it has a great personal value for him: there is a photograph of his father in it. Owing to he fact that Silva insisted asking him how much he wants for the magazine, he just  says ” not everything in life can be sold” . The rest part of the film shows how Silva becomes obsessed with the idea of buying such magazine. Therefore, he is constantly making tempting offers involving not only to Castilla, but to his entiry family. I recommend you to watch this movie because it invites you to reflect upon  how values have changed over the years.

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