Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Deaf Donald

Deaf Donald is a poem that I found in the syllabus for secondary school. As soon as I read it I made copies for students who are from fifteen to eighteen. We spoke about the importance of communication, especially for those who can communicate through other means of communication as Donald. We also thought about being different and the importance of that in society. Naturally, they enjoyed the reading and some of them learnt the signs. I found in this experience that is not so important the level of the language. Of course, it has to be coherent with the level of the students, but this poem would be too difficult for them if the topic wouldn’t be as rich as it is. With the help of the pictures of the signs and some gestures I made for them, these students could cope with the tasks. So, I strongly recommend the poem to learn it enjoy and with students.


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  1. Nice poem, thanks for your recommendation. I think it´s a good resource to deal with the topic you´ve suggested. I like it, I´ll use it with my students.