Saturday, 21 August 2010

The worse journey of my life

I´ll never forget that summer journey to the Atlantic Coast. I never had a worse journey in my life. It was in February 2005 when a friend of mine invited me to go on holiday for a few days so as to have an enjoyable time together.
Everything seemed to be perfect. I was at the bus station on time and, believe it or not, I had all my belongings (all of them) with me. Suddenly, the loudspeaker announced that our bus had been delayed. Despite the hot weather, we didn´t mind waiting… two hours! At last, the bus set off and thanks to the air conditioning we forgot about the humid weather. Regrettably, it didn´t last for so long because half an hour later a sudden loud noise was heard and the air conditioning stopped working. Some passengers started to complain to the bus driver, but all he did was open the windows. Immediately, as if I were in the desert, I felt a hot wind blowing my face which made me even thirstier. On top of that, there was no water to quench my thirsty! “It´s a nightmare!” I thought. This made me believe I could sleep then but just when I closed my eyes another deafening noise was heard, but this time I smelt something burning! We were halfway when everyone had to get off the bus. I couldn´t believe my eyes! I was on the one side of the road, dying for a soft drink and waiting for another bus! I wished I was at home!
A year seemed to have passed until the second bus arrived (thanks God!). Finally, after seven hours we reached San Bernardo. Once there everything was in the right place, except for my bag and all my belonging (all of them!) which had been forgotten in the other bus! And my holidays were over!



  1. Unluckily you weren´t the only person who suffered such a forgettable situation. The same happened to me few summers ago coming back from Mendoza with friends. The bus was an oven and the engine made a noise that was impossible to close your eyes!!! The relief appeared when the night was coming because we could feel a soft breeze.Also, a year seemed to have passed until we arrived to La Plata, but I think that these situations, anecdotes are part of the holiday´s folk.

  2. Luckiy I haven´t experienced such unbeareable long trips. But, similarly to you with the transport company,I had some bad experiences with companies that give too bad services. The thing is that we must complain about all those problems to prevent other people having another bad experience, and also to oblige those companies give everyone the service he or she is requesting.