Monday, 30 August 2010

Killing dogs in Neuquén

I could not believe my eyes when I read such a bloody title in the newspapers. The main reason that led the government of Neuquen to take this decision was the appearance of leptosipirosis in Colonia Nueva Esperanza. The decision consists in eradicating garbage dumps where proliferate rats and dogs. As soon as the people get in contact with this news, it generated controversy with organizations of animals that fear that it applies a mass slaughter of dogs. The governor clarified that the government will exhaust all possibilities to not reach that instance. Until now and thanks God, the township found the alternative to stop this illness and no dogs were killed.



  1. I agree with you. It's incredible how cruel are men in such a horrible decison!!! I don't think the best idea is killing dogs in order to eliminate the virus. It would be easier find another solution to that problem. I say this because I love dogs and I can't not even imagine that those beautiful animals being killed.
    Poly (August)

  2. Human cruelty, why doesn't it surprise me? I agree with you, there must be another solution.