Saturday, 21 August 2010

A letter

Hello everyone!

A friend of mine called me...he was needing some help in translating a letter to send to the Rotary Club, so I accepted. I decided to hide the real names to protect the privacy, of course, so you will find XXXX in place of the real information. This is the letter:

Dear Rotary counterpart:

I am XXXX, member nº XXXX of La Plata Rotary, wing North of La Plata City, Argentina. I´m writing you for the purposes of requering information regarding the Study Center “XXXX” which headquarters are located in Louisville and Lexinfton, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other States of USA. One of my nieces comes across the chance to apply for a scholarship, and before getting involved I would like to be sure on the aforementioned school in terms of legal qualifications, just in case these people and its school don´t be as they claim to be.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you and I´m offering my collaboration with any further information you eventually inquire.
Faithfully. XXXX


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  1. I think the letter is ok. I'd have written less "direct-translation" like. If you know what I mean :)