Sunday, 17 April 2011

"Travels with my Aunt" by Grahan Greene

Some years ago I read the novel "Travels with my Aunt"(1969). It was written by the English writer Graham Greene (1904-1991).The author depicts the dull life of Henry Pulling, a man in his fifties early retired from a bank. He is not married and devotes most of his time to growing dahlias, his passion. On occasion of his mother's funeral, he meets his aunt Augusta a rather eccentric and bohemian woman in her seventies. Augusta invites him as a companion on a series of travels to other countries. Although he is not interested, he accepts because he was intrigued as regards some affairs of his mother and father.
When the adventure starts they become to know more about each other and also about themselves. During their trips, the reader can experience the irony and amusement with the funny stories Aunt Augusta tells Henry. As time passes by and the adventurous trip progresses, the reader can perceive the real bond between Henry and his aunt. He was raised by his aunt and his real mother is Augusta.
I would highly recommend "Travels with my Aunt "because it is a well - written book with a simple style that makes the story easily enjoyable. Besides, the humorous situations the characters undergo amuse the reader from beginning to end.


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