Saturday, 23 April 2011

'The lady in the sacque' by Walter Scott

'The lady in the sacque' by Walter Scott is an extraordinary story in which the writer tells us what happens to an American General after coming back from the American War of Independence.
Browne, the main character is invited by Mr. Woodville to spend a whole week in his friend's mansion in order to relax after so many battles. The General enjoys an excellent first day with his friend and some other visitors. At night, Mr. Woodville takes him to the bedroom which he himself has assigned for his special guest. In spite of the fact that the castle is very attractive, this antique room has a peculiar feature. Woodville has specially selected that bedroom for ‘the brave soldier’. Browne discovers the reason during that first night there, when the relaxing time in the castle happens to be terrifying.
I highly recommend interested readers to have a look at this terror story. Written by the Scottish novelist Walter Scott, this story also exhibits a historical background and perspective which is closely related to the American Revolution.


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