Saturday, 23 April 2011

Cat´s Eye by Margaret Atwood.

By the time I had to prepare my reporter I was doubtful about what I was going to write. At last it came to my mind a novel, a fiction novel that I had to read years ago for an English Literature course.It is called Cat´s Eye written by Margaret Atwood.

This novel deals with the story of a famous painter Elaine Risley, who after having lived abroad for many years,decided to return to the city of her birth, Toronto. The story narrates memories about her childhood friendships mainly. And it also describes very in detail ow cruel a child can be on others, whose personalities are weaker. According to the writer Margaret Atwood ,Cat´s Eye is about , how girlhood traumas continue into adult life.

Well I must say that I enjoyed to read this novel a lot. The story of different experiences and situations that the main character suffers in her relationship with the rest of her friends, made me feel identified in a way with some personal experiences in my life, when I was a child. During the reading certain memories about my childhood came back to my mind and that was good.


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  1. I read that book many years ago, too. I think it is a very good book. It also reminded me things about my chilhood. Someday I think I´m going to read Cat´s eye again. Tania