Saturday, 30 April 2011

“The House of the Devil”

“The House of the Devil” is a 2009 horror film supposedly based upon true events. The movie recreates the old style of horror motion pictures, with filming techniques and technology similar to those used back in the 70s and 80s.

It tells the story of a young college student named Samantha Hughes who gets a job as a babysitter in order to pay the first month’s rent of her new flat. When she arrives at the house she is going to work, a weird old man named Vincent Ullman welcomes her. He confesses her that there is no child to babysit, only his mother. He promises that the old lady is independent enough that Samantha might never see her. She is supposed to work there only for a few hours as Mr Ullman and his wife have an important meeting, and he doesn’t want to leave his mother alone. She feels something is wrong with the house and the people, but she stays because she sees the money as the only way to pay the rent of the apartment.

After several minutes of suspense, she is caught and tied to an altar in the basement. The Ullmans and a deformed priestess that appears, make a satanic ritual with blood on Samantha’s belly. She manages to free herself, she stabs the people in there, and escapes. Then she starts feeling things on her stomach, she begins to have hallucinations of the demonic priestess, and to hear voices in her head. As she cannot stand what she is going through, she shoots herself with a gun, but she doesn’t die.

The film ends showing Samantha being unconscious in a hospital room, and a nurse telling her that she shouldn’t worry because both are going to be fine, her and the baby to come.

This movie is a clear example of what I believe real terror is. I highly recommend it for the ones who like getting scared and think terror is much more than just blood and gory scenes. This is a masterpiece.


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  1. I really like good horror films. After your description I think it is a terrible movie.I really want to see it now.Tania