Saturday, 30 April 2011

Crime and punishment

The text I read about crime and punishment says that, according to some statistics, London has some 7,000 crimes per year per 100,000 of its population and many decent people who live in urban areas have decided to move to pleasant surrounding areas because of that. The text also says that all societies have criminals and it is thought that the best thing to stop crime is to have an efficient police force and judiciary to remove them to prisons, borstals and psychiatric hospitals in order to punish and rehabilitate them. Then, the text shows that it is not like that, on the contrary, this system does not work properly because when prisoners are released from prison most of them commit crimes again. In fact, criminal do not rehabilitate. As a conclusion, the text states that we should change from the old punishment- based judicial system to one which really cares for all men, so that criminals can finally change their attitudes towards society.
In my opinion, this would be a good idea because, for example, in Argentina, police force and judges are not at all efficient. What is more, prisons are in awful conditions and many of the prisoners are kept inside them for many years without a sentence. This fact is, for me, unfair and has to change as soon as possible.



  1. I`m 31 years old ,and nothing happened to me during all these years. Last month, two crminals, who were riding their bikes along a street in La Plata, put two knives on my throat. As I was terrified, I gave them all the thieves ask for.
    In my situation , I´m sure that these criminals are free.
    Graffity Woman

  2. I agree with your comment and also with the text you´ve read. I think it is the only way that things will work out for both, prisioners and people who aren´t in jail. Most of the time we don´t worry about people who commit crimes, instead we discriminate them for what they´ve done without giving them a second chance to start again. Bloo Star

  3. I think it's a very complex matter which requieres a joint work and a real intention on the part of the Government, of improving crime and punishment system. We all agree that police force and judges are not efficient, or at least, they're not enough.
    We, as citizens, must demand to our leaders, an improvement in the criminal and judicial system, bearing in mind, that it is a work in the long term and whose results will be visible in some years, but that must begin to be realized immediately.

  4. As Erin has commented above the issue of crime and punishment is a very complex one.Institutions like Police and Justice are overloaded with cases and records and whatsmore there is lack of necessary supplies to help those institutions to be quick and efficient.


  5. In my opinion, something has to change and a logical alternative could be to teach prisoners to do something of value for themselves, help them to become productive, and to use their time to educate themselves. If they study a profession while they are in jail, they may change their way of thinking and start a new way of life. However, it is not in our hands to change it, it is government’s duty to make it possible.