Saturday, 2 July 2011

Two Genders - Two Brains

                            Hello people! Today my review is about a video that I saw in Internet.This seemed to me very funny so I  wanted to share it with you.It is called " Tales of Two Brains" by Mark Gungor.
                            Well, the showman of this video explains to the audience the big difference that exists between women·s brain and men·s brain.He says that men·s brain is made of many small boxes that contain different categories in it;such as a box of family, a box of passion, a box of money, a box of children, a box of job, and so on. And they work as follow: when the man discusses any particular subject he goes directly to the box which contains the relevant topic in it, takes it out,and opens it carefully. Immediatedly, he starts thinking about his concern,until he gets the answer to his problem. At last,he puts the box back to its place again and closes it. So when a problem attacks him again,he always does the same.Among those boxes, there is one called "empty- box",which  is the favourite box for every man.This empty -box
 is full of " nothing" and is used by the man when he wants to think in " nothing".In case,the man wants to be out of his reality, he goes to his empty box,and stays there for a while ,doing nothing just breathing. When this situation is perceived by the woman who anxiously can·t avoid to do the following question: "What are you thinking about,my dear?To this question the man retorted...."nothing".     
                            Regarding,women·s brain is in a complete desorder. There aren´t any boxes in her brain, just hundreds of cables; all driven by electric energy. This cables are, constantly, sending flashes everywhere in the women´s brain, never relaxing. That´s the reason, why women never forgets anything, they are always remembering every little detail. Her brain never stops, it is always in activity. When a woman has to discuss some problem, the whole brain is activated, and the hundreds of cables start connecting in a few seconds, looking for an answer to that situation. Apart from this, the woman begins talking and talking with herself, or anyone who crosses her way, trying to get a solution to her concern; that is one of the main difference with men´s brain. When a man is in the similar situation, he stays in silence, or perhaps he talks about his problem with other man and that´s all !.
                             So, it seems to be healthier way of dealing with the situation. Finally, i´d like to add that i enjoyed this show very much. But unfortunatedly the worst is that, there is a quote of truth in all of this, or perhaps am i wrong ?


  1. I really don't know if this article has scientific support, but I am still laughing with this question of cables sending messages or flashes at the same time.

  2. I really enjoyed your review Ambar. I would like you to send us the link of the video so we can watch it please!Last year I read an article which was written by a specialist who explained the differences between men´s and women´s brain.She says that there are neurological proofs of those differences.The proofs are the results of some studies that were done when they were doing any activities.When women are doing any activities all the parts of their brain are activated, so that´s why a woman can cook, watch television and talk on the phone at the same time, that is why the scientists of that study called women "multitasking".On the other hand, when men are doing any activities, just a part of their brain is activated; this shows why men are not multitasking, and they just can watch television or talk on the phone, but not both actions at the same time!Incredible! Melman