Saturday, 2 July 2011


There are no great people in this world, only great challenges which ordinary people rise to meet.                                                        
William Frederick Halsey, Jr.
The other day, while reading the reviews I saw this quotation on the right part of the Web page. Immediately I thought how great it was and I kept thinking about it all day.
It´s true, sometimes we think that people who are born with certain capacities or perhaps economic possibilities are the only ones who succeed. Although this may be a possibility, I believe that there are incredible everyday people who go against big storms, against every single problem that comes across them, just because they have the determination and a positive strength to move on. I think this citation is really motivating and I would recommend you to read it and analyze it deeply. 

Bloo Star


  1. I think those who rise to meet great challenges are great people.It's amazing to see how faith, motivation, and perseverance make people achieve those goles which may be seen as imposible to reach at first.

  2. This is determined by leading a positive attitude. Sometimes we are our own obstacles to challenges.

  3. In my opinion, I really admire those people because not everybody is strong enough to go against big storms.It would be fantastic that all human beings were strong,positive and determined. Tania.