Saturday, 2 July 2011

Sunday Bloody Sunday

All Argentinian means of communication showed today the violence that unleashed minutes before River Plate‘s relegation to National B. Before finishing the match, the riots had already started inside and outside the Monumental Stadium. Violent fans lit fires, destroyed and sacked shops.
Those violent incidents started inside the stadium when thousands of River´s fans threw a variety of hard and sharp objects. What´s more, they even set off flares. That is why, River´s football players remained in the centre of the pitch with private security and Belgranos´s fans waited for the footballers to celebrate their victory more than two hours inside the stadium.
The riots continued outside when the fierce fans lit tyres, destroyed windows shops and everything that was in their path. Outside the police officers tried to disperse the crowd; however, the multitude threw iron bars and stones to them. The results of these riots were more than seventy casualties- including police officers, reporters and supporters- many of them still stayed in hospital.
I think that violence in sports is growing rapidly these days, especially in football matches. There is no excuse for what happened last Sunday, not even the admiration or fanaticism about a football team. In my opinion, security laws in sports events should be changed  or modified as soon as possible.



  1. All the people who unleashed violence after the match should be locked up forever. In what sane mind does unleashing violence like that fit?None.They are completely insane.All this disaster just because their team was relegated to a lower category?My God!!!How horrible!!No respect for other people,no moral values at all. This is too sad!!

  2. Last week, I was watching a TV programme in the morning when I saw a Spanish man who had attended some America’s cup matches saying that one of the things that had caught his attention most about being at the stadiums in Argentina was that the crowd was like caged. I guess that if he had been inside and outside Monumental Stadium when River was relegated to the second division, he would have understood why stadium wire fences are needed in our country.