Saturday, 2 July 2011

John Carpenter’s Halloween

 “Halloween” is a low-budget independent horror film written, produced and directed by who is thought to be the master of horror, John Carpenter.
The story takes place in Haddonfield, a small and quiet town in Illinois. On a Halloween night, a disturbed child named Michael Myers brutally stabs his 17-year-old sister to death with a large kitchen knife. After this murder, he is sent to a mental institution and undergoes medical treatment, but his condition doesn’t improve at all. He just gets worse, for he wears masks to hide his face, he doesn’t say a word, and he doesn’t even want to eat. His dark side has consumed him completely, and there’s nothing left of him but pure evil. Many years after, on a Halloween night, adult Michael Myers escapes from the psychiatric hospital and returns to his town to finish his job: to kill his younger sister, who was a little baby when the crime took place, and every one that stands on his path.
This film was released in 1978, and it became one of the most profitable independent horror films of all times after grossing $60 million worldwide, equivalent to over $200 million as of 2010. The success of “Halloween” resulted in many sequels that followed it with a mixed reception, and countless horror films that imitated it.
In my opinion, this is the best of all slasher films and one of the greatest horror movies that has ever been made. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you grab some popcorn, turn off every light, and enjoy John Carpenter’s greatest creation.


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  1. Thanks for your recommendation but now that I know how the film is I am not going to watch it nor even in daylight!! I´m afraid of horror films! I remember once I went to the cinema to watch "Amityville horror", but I did not know how much horror it could contain,so at the moment when there was suspense music and the house´s blinds starting hiting in the darkness my heart started beating faster and faster and I had to leave the room... I have never watched a horror film again! Melman