Friday, 3 June 2011

Plan “D”

Plan “D”
It was a beautiful summer day and my boyfriend and I, decided to go
out and do something different. He picked me up at 10 o ’clock and we
headed off to a Chinese place called Misujo. My boyfriend had a GPS,
so we were sure we were going to get there fast and without problems.
But instead we got lost in the middle of the highway and the GPS
stopped working right, we couldn’t decide in which direction the
arrows were pointing so we stopped every five minutes to decide which
way to go. After driving in circles many times, we got tired and
decided to go back. As we were going back, we stopped at a store and
asked if the place was still in the same location, the man said it
was! So we went out and realized a big sign had been in front of us
the whole time!
Since we had found the place, we parked the car and went out to see if
somebody could open the entrance for us. We rang the bell but stood
there for almost 20 minutes, until we noticed it was closed.  We
didn’t know what to do, so we phoned to the place and asked for
information. We barely understood what the women was saying but she
made more than clear that on Saturdays, Misujo was closed. Not wanting
to go home, we chose to go to a nice restaurant to calm our nerves and
eat something.
After half an hour of driving, we got to the place. My boyfriend got
out of the car suspiciously and asked some people that had an
expression of confusion on their face, if the place was open. Then, he
came back to the car with a long face and told me the restaurant was
closed too. I didn’t even know what to say. Tired of everything and
frustrated we went to a supermarket and bought some bread, ham and
soda and went to a park to eat.
It was a long day where our moods were up and down, it seemed as if
everyone was playing with us. But now every time we remember that day,
we laugh and say, next time we‘ll have a plan “D”.

Bloo Star


  1. What a day you had my dear Bloo Star!!!!To think positively, maybe the ham and the bread you had that day for eating were better than what you could have had in Misujo(laughs).

  2. Hello Bloo Star, it is strange what happened to you because I always go to Misujo on Saturdays and it is opens. Last summer, my boyfriend and I went there to buy some plants; they have many types of beautiful plants!
    Let me tell you that Misujo is a wonderful place to go with your family and friends, it has a large park where you can spend the whole day, taking some mates on the grass, however, I think it is quite boring, it does not have too many things to do. Besides, I do not advise you to go in winter, it is really cold!
    Well I hope you can go
    See you,