Friday, 3 June 2011

“The Langoliers”

“The Langoliers” is a science fiction novel written by the American author Stephen King.
It tells the thrilling story of ten people who awake on a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Boston to find out that all the other passengers have vanished, including the crew. When they manage to land the plane, they discover that there are no signs of life. There is no one there, the air is still, the clocks have stopped… and a dread evil presence is headed straight for them.
An off-duty airline pilot, a young blind girl with psychic powers, a teacher, a retired engineer, a businessman, a talented violinist, a teenager with drug problems, an irritable investment banker, a mystery author, and an assassin for the British Army make up the characters of this chilling and frightening novel that could only come from the mind of the master storyteller of our times, Stephen King.
This novel is so intriguing that really catches the reader’s attention from beginning to end. From my point of view, it’s simply brilliant.


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  1. Yes!I can see how brilliant it is. I haven´t read it but your review made me want to read it. When reading I love not knowing what is going to happen next, i like surprises and also weird and fantastic characters. Thank you Kite!BlOo Star