Friday, 3 June 2011

A Dead Woman’s Secret

  A Dead Woman’s Secret by Guy De Maupassant is an amazing story. The style is neat and the plot interesting.
  Firstly, there is a detailed description about a dead woman and her two children: a daughter, who was a religious woman, and a son, who was a judge. The author says the both know very little about their father.
  Secondly, another character appears: a priest who came to comfort the dead woman’s children. However, they preferred to remain alone in order to remember the old times.
  Finally, a letter, which had the word “Father”, is found. Then, the nun began to read some more letters, which were, in deed, love letters, and found out that they were written by a man who was not there father.
  What struck me most was to take notice about the process of loving their mother devotedly on part of the son, especially, to definitely disliking her at the end of the story.
On the other hand, the daughter’s attitude towards the mother was neutral, maybe because the fact that she was a nun, and in the context of the Catholicism, some sorts of acts tend to be hidden.



  1. I´ve read the short story and I actually like it, because ít´s showing us that nobaody is perfect and that . It is interesting !
    Graffiti Woman

  2. I read this story two yearts ago and in my opinion the story shows clearly that most human beings have ever told a white lie or hidden a secret , which not always is revealed in life, and how dissapointed the acquiantances could feel if it is revealed. There is one important thing I would like to rescue from the story that is a characteristic action of most people after somebody died, the phrase “she was a saint”, that is said by the nun ( meaning “she was such an excellent person, untouchable, uncapable of saying a lie, etc” that I have heard a lot of times ) but then, when a dark part of the dead person´s life is known , as the case of the infidelity, everybody became indifference.I really liked this story because the events are very realistand they actually happened to common people.Melman