Friday, 3 June 2011

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

This book  was written by Bill Martin,Jr. and has pictures of Eric Carle. It was published by Penguin books in 1967.It is a rhythmic story with animals and it helps children to learn about colours. The narrator asks various animals what they see  and then, those animals say that they see another animal looking at them, and the process is repeated. The characters are Brown bear, Red bird, Yellow duck, Blue horse, Green frog, Purple cat, White dog, Black sheep, a goldfish, a monkey and the children. It is really useful  because  this kind of book is a good resource for  teaching things in a funny and interactive way. If you are working with little children, I strongly recommend you this book. They are really  going to have fun!!!



  1. Thank you mimi! we are working on the topic of animals with a 5th grade, so I think this will help a lot. Not to mention that we´ll have fun at the same time we learn! Bloo Star

  2. Is this book available at the book shop??? Besides, can we use the book according to the new curricula? Remember that we have to take into account the clil approach if we want to teach English through literature.

  3. I'm working with a 5th grade, too and children love animals so they draw them in their notebooks, add some information and ask many questions. it is a good topic for our classes.