Saturday, 2 May 2009

Bernice bobs her hair

It is based on a book by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and it captures the attitude of the 20s. The main character was Bernice, a wealthy girl from Wisconsim, who was visiting her cousin, Marjorie. Marjorie felt that her cousin was a drag on her social life and none of the boys wanted to dance with her. One night Bernice heard a conversation between Marjorie and her mother, where a young girl was complaining that her cousin was a socially hopeless and was having trouble fitting in. The following day, Bernice threatened to leave the town, but she changed her attitude and agreed to let Marjorie turn into a society, she taught her how to hold interesting conversations, how to flirt with boys, how to dance, etc. The new Bernice was a big hit specially with boys. As a consequence, Marjorie became jealous, and decided to remind her of her promise to bob her hair. When she came out the babershop with her newstyle, her hair looked like flat and strange. As a result, the boys lost interest in her. At night when everyone was asleep, Bernice went to get revenge on her cousin by cutting her hair too.......In conclusion, this is a story about teenergers, and has some funny parts. It shows us how cruel people will be if they are not accepted. The surprise ending is wonderful! I would recommend this to anyone.


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  1. Thanks for including it; it´s one of our set readings for Language and Culture II, linked to the subject of The jazz Age. it´s a great picture of those times and the atmosphere of post war US: