Sunday, 10 May 2009

Animals dying out?

Throughout our planet, many animals are in great danger of extinction, even animals which are close relatives of man, like the orangutan and the chimpanzee.
Unfortunately, in Africa people hunt elephants and rhinoceroses for the tusks. In the seas, wide varieties of fish as well as many kinds of whales are close to extinction. In the air, eagles and storks are also at high risk.
A great number of organizations, such as Greenpeace, help to protect these endangered animals, and luckily their job is massive. Scientists estimate that, if people continue to contaminate, or what is more to destroy the global village we live in, several hundred of species of vertebrates and about one million types of insects will eventually die out, before the year 2040.
It high time we acted…and the time is now.


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  1. The perspective about endangered species is really worrying in spite of the people who is acting to avoid such discouring consequences. The fact is that apart from killing directly the animals, men also destroy their habitats, and because of this more species are also in danger.
    I strongly agree in that it is high time the whole humanity acted.