Monday, 18 May 2009

"Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen

Last month I read "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. If you like reading romantic novels it is a good choice. This story happens in the 19th century. The characters are a family with five daughters, of course they are not married yet. The eldest and more beautiful daughter is the main character; she has a strong personality. All the story takes place in a village and it is centred around the main character, a rich man and the strange authority of her father. I liked it. It is a love at first sight and the end is what you have expected: a victorious love. And why the title? you answered...because she is very proud and he is very prejudiced. you have to find out the reasons reading this book.


  1. In my opinion, Pride and Prejudice contains no violent or explicit scenes and adults should feel comfortable that it is appropiate for young readers, because teachers and other adults may find it helpful to discuss for example, gender roles and sex discrimination with young readers. Nevertheless, the novel does present as "normal" certain attitudes that few readers share today. The class system imposes unwritten rules on who may marry or socialize with whom. Young readers may profit from learning about other manifestations of class discrimination: injustice, social disturbance, and the leveling of aspirations.Definitely, Jane Austen is one of my favourite writer because she was able to go into detail so well because she lived like she wrote. In other words, she wrote about her experiences, things that she saw, and stories that she mad

  2. I like love stories but I didn`t have the opportunity to read it yet.
    The story seems to be really interesting. I will buy it and read it as soon as I can.