Saturday 2 May 2009

On Anothers Sorrow by William Blake

This is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful poems of the Age of Enlightment that describes childhood during the Eighteenth Century. The author tried to transmit how children suffered and the effects their suffering had on their parents´ lives. In those times, children were forced to work, because they were supposed to be profitable for the nation. They had to undergo lots of troubles, leaving aside their childhood and becoming adults. They had to work many hours a day in terrible conditions.
William Blake showed through this poem the cruelty of that century from the point of view of the weaker protagonists. He reflected his own opinion about society at that time and pictured a strong feeling of disagreement to the ruling classes.
If you are studying the society of this historical period, you should read this poem in order to have another perspective of the situation taking in to account the feelings of lower classes.



  1. This seems to be a very interesting poem, though I wouldn't say happy. Why don't you send us a copy to upload so that all students can share it.
    Thanks. Anahí

  2. I don´t read this poem, but I think that its meaning is profound. When I read this review I felt pity for all those children living in such terrible conditions. What´s more, it show us that people can be destroyed by hate, envy, fear, poverty, etc.


  3. I have not read the poem but as far as I know nothing has changed after sometime. Nowadays, we all can see on every corner how children are forced to work for a simple coin. We can also guess the effects of being on streets without education, suffering from loneliness, drugs addition, and anything you can imagine as a consequence of the hardest part, to be without love. As the poem that you commented, they have to undergo with lots of troubles, leaving aside their childhood and becoming adults. What a poor imagine of the history of our world!!!

  4. You may read the poem by clicking on "interesting texts", under the label "useful links".

  5. I deeply agrre with Atlantis on his explanation about Blake's poem. I have read it, and I really think this poem depicts childhood during the Eighteenth Century. children during this century were forced to work, they had to be profitable as Atlantis has already said, they coud not play since they did not have time. Children could not enjoy their childhood, and I think it was really unfaithful. Blake really condemns those horrors made against children.
    I think it is very practical to read this poem if you are studying The Eighteenth century.