Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Runaway by Morley Callaghan

This story was written by Morley Callaghan, and it`s included in the book “The eye of childhood”.This story was really interesting for me. The topic of the story is connected with real life , with the point of view of a teenager. The story develops the feelings that a boy has because he doesn`t have a good relationship with his father and his stepmother. So, he decided to run away home, in order to have a better life.
Teenagers are difficult to manage. They can be very sensitive, perhaps too sensitive in some occasions. Nobody understands what they are going through; “nobody in the universe has ever felt like this before”.
Michael, the teenager of the story, in some way is a little boy, but in others is like a young man. He has fun with his friends, and suffers because of the tensions at home between his dad and his stepmother. He is in love with a girl, but he can`t find the right words to talk to her. Nothing in his life seems to be perfect; so for him there`s only one possibility to make things better… his solution is to run away…

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  1. I liked the story " the run away ". I am eager to read it, the comment is fantastic and it invites the readers to explore in the teenager’s interesting world. It is very useful when we are working with students of this age. Most of us have difficulties with some aspect of their behaviour, such as their arrogance , showing rudeness and intellectual superiority. Maybe this kind of material dive the reader into a better understanding as regards teenagers and help me to dispel some doubts about them. I will tell you after reading it…