Sunday, 26 April 2009

“Man, woman and child” by Eric Segal

I have just finished reading “Man, woman and child” by Eric Segal. I started to read it, just for pleasure, few months ago and I could not finish it.
This book explores the relationship between as the title says, man and woman, woman and child and child and man. The only thing is that the child is not theirs, but is the result of his affair with some female on a business tour. The story of the book is pretty simple. It´s about how a family accepts a child as their own. Furthermore, how the heroine accepts the child.
What is more important about this book is the way it shows the relationships developing and breaking between people because of one incident. For example, we have the hero who cannot just let go his son, and there is the heroine who just doesn't seem to forgive her husband for his mistake. The story unfolds beautifully how eventually the heroine comes to terms with the child and how the child eventually gets approval from the woman. The book told the love story, in the most interesting way. Man, woman and child is still a beautiful book to be read and re-read!"


An unforgettable story of love is ´ Man, Woman and Child,` by Erich Segal. The main characters, Bob and Sheila are happily married, professionally successful and they have got two great daughters. However, the story has an unexpected turn. A fatal accident and a phone call bring a child into the plot, but the thing is that he is not Bob and Sheila`s. Actually, the child is the result of an affair Bob had on a bussiness trip to France ten years before. In my opinion, Segal tries to show us the relationships developing and breaking between people because of an incident. Thus, human emotions play the main role throughout the story. So if you are fond of novels, do not hesitate to read it, you will find it catchy.



  1. I deeply agree wiyh Candy about the theme of 'Man, Woman, and Child.' I think this book is an appealling story who depicts our society nowadays. This may be the main reason that makes the reader get involved with the story.
    As Candy says human emotions are really important throughout the story.

  2. I have also read Man, Woman and Child, I don´t remember how many years ago, and I keep a sweet memory of it. I agree with you in that it is a catchy story. It is an example of generosity, forgivness and love. What I wandered after reading it was how many women can find it easy to forgive and forget.

  3. I think that the plot of the story is really interesting. I like that sort of stories which are connected to the time we are living,I mean, society changed and relationships and families are really different from they used to be.As I like the plot and the comment you did,I will try to buy and read it,as soon as I can.