Sunday, 26 April 2009

Notes on culture

Last year, I had to read some copies for a final examination about how culture is seen all around the world. So, I wrote down some ideas which I want to share with you because I guess they could explain the art of reading with a cultural aspect:
1. Technologically advanced nations ( cultural background) always dominate not well equipped ones.
2. English is the logical global language ( why is important to read and speak English as a global language?)
3. There are more things that unite a world´s peoples than separate them, such as culture.
4. There will never be only one culture.
5. It is possible for people to have multiple identities, taking into account culture.
6. The natural flow of culture is that people continually move and interact, and in so doing it change, absorb or reject culural ideas.
7. Local cultures are more powerful than national cultures.
8. Consumer demands tend to indicate the level of culture of an area.
9. The world can be politically united, but not united in a single culture.
10. The Internet and cellular phone will bring into being totally new and different `metaculture´.
Isn´t it related to reading, what do you think? Can we improve as a society our cultural aspect if our students read enough? I´ll be waiting your comments.

Miss Squirrel

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