Sunday, 26 April 2009

Horror films

I was a frightened ten-year-old girl. My group of friends and I decided to see horror movies at my place during the evening. I would say that was the worst evening I´ve ever had, because the first film showed a killer, called Jason, who had drowned near a camp on Friday 13th years before, but nobody could find his body. Then he became a dangerous person, who started killing everyone, especially young people.The second movie started with Jason´s mother´s death and he saw how she died. Someone, I don´t remember who, cut off her head and then put it in a freezer. All of us thought that he was dead, but what happened next...The police took him to the morgue, but he unexpectedly stood up and killed the doctor, and the nurse. After that, he went to the place where he had died. There, lived a family with a young girl, a little boy and of course their mother. A lot of bloody assassinations happend again. Because of the blood and suspense that the films had, I felt so terrified and I said I would never see another horror film again. That was not true; in fact, they are my favourite now. What about you?

Miss Squirrel

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  1. As I read your review I was taken many years back in time. I distinctly remember gathering with my friends at a home to see horror films. However,what you wrote evoked happy memories. We would usually go to the video club, pick out a scary movie and wait for the sun to hide to watch it. At a tragic scene, We would give each other a fright, thus provoking contagious laughter. So I really enjoyed watching that kind of films. But, as time passed, I kind of stopped watching them. Nowadays I know horror films are not my favourite ones.