Saturday, 29 October 2011

What happened men? Did you mix the tapes?

I have never left the cinema so disappointed as I did last Saturday. My boyfriend and I went to the cinema to see the new movie starred by Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, ‘The tree of Life’. The film is based on images with very few words and in some moments – I would say, most of them – it mixes with universe and nature scenes. From one moment to another, the film goes to the dinosaurs era and you completely forget that the movie is about a marriage in a certain time in the past whose middle son died, who knows why. For a while, we thought we were watching Discovery Channel! Suddenly, it comes back to this family, with three children, a rigorous father and a lovely mother. And the past scenes are mixed with the present time of one of the sons, who now is an adult and remembers his dead brother.
At the end of a film you expect some people to applaud. Also, we can expect people to come out from the cinema talking enthusiastically about the good film they have just seen. However, this time the people were in a deep silence like trying to straighten out the story. Some were laughing and could not believe how awful and confused the film was!
Anyway, two days after this ‘experience’, I looked for information about the film on the internet and when I found it I thought, ‘Why didn’t I read this before?’. The film was described as a ‘poem’. What is more, the director always makes this kind of movies in which God, life, nature, evolution and just few words added to the scenes are mixed, all together to bring out some concept of the human being. So, if you like this kind of cinema, I recommend you to go. But, if you do not like, I suggest you choose another film because you will probably feel bitterly disappointed as I felt.


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