Friday, 7 October 2011

It’s beginning to hurt

James Lasdun is a British writer. He writes novels and poetry, but he is a very famous writer of short stories. I have read “It’s beginning to hurt”, with which he was the winner of the National Short Story Competition in 2006. I truly recommend you this author and his work.
“It’s beginning to hurt” is a story of about 500 words only but with so much force and with so much content that it is really impressive. The main character is a man (Mr Bryar) who received a phone call from his wife while he was in a funeral. She asked him to pick up a salmon for dinner.
The story seems to be quite simple, but it has complex implications. The title itself is a line on the story that contains a strong meaning. The man was at the funeral of his lover, Marie, and she was the one who told him: “I’m in love with you, and it’s beginning to hurt”. You may feel that this unfaithful man should have his due but in the end, it is inevitable you feel some kind of sympathy for him.
The final situation produces an unexpected twist that makes the story so appealing. It is the first time I read his work but it was such a good experience that I think I am going to continue reading and maybe you could follow my advice and can also read some of his work because it is highly recommended



  1. When I read the title of your review I immediately felt attracted by it. It seems to be an interesting and romantic story. As you said “It’s beginning to hurt” is a very strong phrase that really can break your heart. I will try to get this story because I really want to read it now!


  2. It seems really interesting! Now I want to read it! I have never heard of this writer before. I will search about him. thanks for your advise! Zoe

  3. “I’m in love with you, and it’s beginning to hurt.” What an assertion ! ! Love hurts, usually, from the very moment it bursts... doesn't it? I'm anxious for reading the story. Will it be as good as this claim and the title? I hope so.

    Blue worm