Saturday, 29 October 2011


            The business of animal traffic has increased all over the years. Hardly ever, these animals get to their destines, and many times they are released in a place that is not their natural habitat. This is what happened in La Pampa and Tierra del Fuego provinces in these days. Yesterday, I saw in the news that these provinces have been invaded by squirrels and beavers respectively. The problem is that these species are dwelling in a place to which they do not belong, and so, they do not have a natural predator. In consequence, they destroy the entire environment, making use and abuse of the natural resources and continue reproducing themselves. And here comes the main question: What do we have to do? A zoologist explained that the squirrel hunting is prohibited and the beaver hunting is not. But, at the same time, there is no a clear law about it. So, is it correct to kill these animals to save the environment? But, are they guilty of the men actions and their intervention in other habitats? Or, is it possible to give them back to their autochthonous territory? Well, it is not because they have adapted to this new habitat. The polemic is open and the alternatives are not so many. 


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