Friday, 5 August 2011

Marionettes, Inc.

Marionettes, Inc. is an amazing short story written by the well-known science fiction writer Ray Bradbury. I read this story many years ago and I really loved it. It is fantastic how real life, science fiction and ethical issues are included just in a simple short story.
This story is about two friends, Bradling and Smith who were not happily married, they felt that their lives were passing and they were not enjoying it. One day, while they were walking at night, Bradling told Smith that he was going to Rio. Going to Rio was his life-dream. Smith was completely surprised and he wanted to know how his friend could go without his wife snarl. Bradling confessed that he had bought a marionette identical to him in a new secret incorporation. Those marionettes just replaced the people when they were told; they had no feelings and easily kept in a toolbox. In this way, he could travel abroad leaving his replacement and he would have a great time in Rio. After telling this, he showed Smith Bradling two (the robot) and gave him the card presentation of the incorporation just in case he wanted it for him. That night when Smith returned home he felt completely nervous and hesitant without knowing what to do. Many times he thought about the possibility to buy one with his savings, so as he could take a break of his wife. As his thoughts did not let him sleep, he woke up in order to check his fifteen thousand dollars. For his surprise, he discovered that ten thousand dollars were missing. Immediately he went to the bedroom and questioned his wife and he started hearing a sound like tick tick tick…he found out his wife, was not his wife, but a “marionette”.Meanwhile, Bradling asked Brandling two to go into the toolbox but it refused, they quarreled because Bradling two admitted being in love with Bradling`s wife.After they struggled, bradling two managed to put his owner in the toolbox, and told him that he woul buy another Rio ticket to his wife. What seemed to be their way to escape from their wives resulted in a real nightmare for both men.



  1. Wow!! It's seems to be a very amusing story.The idea of using surrogates is realy creative and funny.
    I think the men's plan was not wise. They should have asked for the divorce instead of trying to use marrionettes to escape from their wives.
    If marionettes existed, I wouldn't use them to escape from my wife but to avoid dealing with my mother-in-law.

  2. jA

    ja!It·s interesting your story and funny to read it.I think that it·d be a great idea if we could have the opportunity to get one.Just for a while!Many problems would get over!

  3. Ambar, I totally agree with you!! many times I think "I would like to have my own marionette" especially in those moments when some situations become uncontrollable.Melman