Sunday, 21 August 2011

An anecdote

Hi people! I·m here again ,but this time with the intention of sharing with you the experience that I lived in my adolescence. In the previous months to my 15th birthday, I decided to send a letter  to my favourite actor, with the crasy idea of inviting him to my birthday party. As you see, I was a great dreamer during those times! For a while I began to feel anxious just thinking that he could answer me! Till one day, I saw a  letter lying on the floor, at the entrance of my house.  I couldn·t believe my eyes!!  And as I was so excited I couldn·t open it ! At last ,I did so ,and found a photo of him with a card that said:    
                    Due to the large number of letters he receives,
            D McC. regrets that he is unable to  
           answer you personally. Please accept the
           enclosed photograph with Mr. Mc C·s sincere thanks.
I felt extremely happy at that moment , and I feel pleased now.This  lovely experience will be in my memories for ever!!


  1. I think that you were really lucky! Once I wrote a letter to my favourite actor too and nothing happened. He never sent anything to me.I need to tell you that you weren´t the only dreamer..Tania.

  2. I think that most of us, women ,are contantly dreaming. Our entire life is a dream. when we are little girls we dream about being a princess. When we became adolecents, we dream about finding our prince. finally when we get married we keep kissing the frog and nothing happens!!! so ambar don´t be ashamed for beign a dreamer!