Monday, 2 May 2011

Something that opens my mind...

When one listens to a band like Pink Floyd, one cannot avoid letting one’s imagination run riot. The kind of songs, music and lyrics they write and play makes one feel inspired and comfortable.
Pink Floyd is an English rock band which was born more than thirty years ago. At the beginning they played sort of psychedelic music. Eventually, they changed into others styles, maintening features of their old music, but making it more mature and inspiring than before. An example of that is one of their most famous disc ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, in which we can find songs like ‘The great gig in the sky’, ‘Time’, and ‘Money’. These songs talk about things that happen in the world and things that a person feels. Years later, songs like ‘High Hopes’, ‘Hey You’, and ‘Come back to Life’, talk about hope, help oneself and others and think twice as well as being clever and not to fall in the ignorance of the ordinary human being.
Everytime I listen to them, I think deeply about life, about what I do or say.They make me feel good and sometimes sad. But all of those feelings bring me peace and hope because in some way I feel identified with their lyrics.
In my opinion, despite the fact that Pink Floyd has changed the members of the group (some died, others split up and made their own way) or even if it disappears completely, it is always going to be unique: the best band of all times.


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  1. I see what you mean, because I like the gruop a lot. I was actually fascinated , when I´ve seen the movie The Wall. I think it is one of the best films , I´ve ever seen, because of its message.