Saturday, 28 May 2011

Icelandic volcano eruption

Last week the news about The Grímsvötn  volcano eruption spread out  all over the world because of the fear that it may cause Eupean airlines  closures as last year eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. The Grímsvötn volcano became active after seven years; the eruption of Iceland's most active volcano is believed not to cause a new air traffic chaos in Europe, as happened last year. One expert said that although the island was forced to close its main airport, they do not believe it may cause serious damages.
Grímsvötn volcano which is located on the largest glacier in Iceland erupted stronger than its previous time which is recorded in 2004.

The smoke cloud reached about 20 miles high, forming a huge mass over the north Atlantic island, says the news.
Experts do not expect to cause the same problems as the Eyjafjallajokull which in April last year forced European airlines not to operate for days and it became a global worry because people could neither enter nor leave the continent.

However, a weather service spokesman of Iceland has stated this week that the volcano's activity is decreasing. He said: "History shows that the violent eruption is common for one or two days before losing strength, it is impossible to say how it will be within 24 hours, but we hope it calms down,”
 I think that this is another clear example that nature is showing us once again its strength and power, and it is the one that can control the Earth through its actions (Hurricanes, Earthquakes, volcanoes eruptions) and not the man.



  1. Hi Melma!I think you are right,noone can go against nature! It ·s imposible!And I guess that lately, nature has been expressing through different disasters, all over the world.I would say,that it·s time to pay attention to it,don·t you think that!

  2. Absolutely!!!! I don´t think that it is just a coincidence that so many natural disasters are happening in all over the world!A time ago I watched a documental about climate changes and natural disasters.According to the specialists, these changes have a close relation to the Sun ´s different stages of life.I strongly recommend you that documental. Melman