Saturday, 28 May 2011


GLEE is a musical drama television series that airs on FOX. It is based on the life of a high school glee club called New Directions, which not only catches the audience attention by singing and dancing in an excellent way, but also by dealing with teenagers relationships and problems, in addition to sexuality and other social issues.
The main characters are Rachel, Finn, Sue Sylvester and Mr. Schuster. Lea Michele plays Rachel Berry, a talented star of the glee club, who is often bullied by the Cheerios and football players. Her feelings and attitudes are sometimes excessive, that is why her partners usually expressed their disapproval to her.
In the beginning of the episodes, differences between characters were really apparent. However, being together in the glee club and sharing so much time in their company made them leave those differences aside and help each other to face their personal problems.
Glee is very funny and fascinating. I think you may find it interesting too. So, if you agree with me, please let me know.


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  1. Jackie I totally agree with you.
    Glee is one of my favourite shows. It's really funny (Sue Sylvester is my favourite character, she's hilarious), it's dynamic and entertaining. However, it deals with teenagers' issues as you said.
    Also, the cast is excelent and they're all very talented. They sing new versions of old and present songs and they do it so well!!
    I recommend Glee to everyone I know, and if you want to check if what we say is true, watch this--->