Tuesday, 21 September 2010

My Home

My house is the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen. There is a small porche (my father always liked small porches), and then the front door. When you enter my house you can see the big living-room, where there are a lot of armchairs and one table with the old telephone. The other room near the living-room is the kitchen, where the whole family takes breakfast. On the opposite side there are three rooms. One of these is my room, the other is my brothers’ and the third is my parents. My room is wonderful, because my family decided that I could decorate it the way I liked. Then, I put a big trunk and upon it there are a lot of teddy bears, there is a bedside table and over it there is a library. My bed is right in the middle of the room. It is old and long because it belonged to my grandmother’s parents. Finally, my house has got a laundry, where my family put a little house for my dog Onna. I love my house and I love all the good times I had there!


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  1. Such a nice house you have. I used to have teddy bear in my room, and they were hang in the roof (literally). Hahaha.